duke-tipThe Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) identifies and supports students who are academically gifted.  In order to qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search, a student must score in the 95th or higher percentile (using national norms) on an accepted subtest from a standardized achievement test. Once they are qualified, Duke TIP participants take either the ACT or SAT test.  The above-level test is used as a diagnostic tool to provide a more accurate measurement of how far above grade level the students are in specific areas.  This opens up opportunities for the students to participate in summer programs, online studies, and intensive two-day courses through Duke University.  In addition, the students receive publications from Duke through their Senior year in high school that aid in college prep.


2016 Duke TIP qualifiers

  1. Luke Boles
  2. Cole Camarata
  3. Gracen Cunningham
  4. Will Franklin
  5. Haylee Garrett
  6. Caleb Hodges
  7. Jonas Holley
  8. Brandon Jones
  9. Caroline Karr
  10. Zeke Mills (not pictured)
  11. Savannah Moore
  12. Ashton Morgan
  13. Kate Peavey
  14. Leeanne Starr
  15. Lexi Valdez

It is amazing we have 15 from a class of 33 that qualify from SJCA, that is 45% of the class!