Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Clapp

Mrs. Bowles’ favorite subject to teach is Bible and Reading. Her favorite foods are steak, chips and salsa, and pineapple! Her favorite thing to look at is Pinterest and pictures of her kids when they were little! A fun fact about her is that when she was born on December 22nd, her mom took her home from the hospital inside a stocking on Christmas Eve and that’s also why she named her Holly! She was her Mom’s little stocking stuffer! Oh yeah… She also loves to shop and teach children about Jesus!

Mrs. Clapp loves teaching Bible and Math. When she is not teaching, she likes to relax, eat tacos, and dark chocolate! In her spare time, she likes to walk, fish, garden, ride bikes, read, and cook. In the summer, she likes to visit the beach and aquariums with her family. She loves teaching way more than she ever imagined! 2nd grade is the BEST grade and they have so much fun.