I began my teaching career at a private Christian school here in Amarillo.   I left private education and taught 6th and 8th at River Road Middle school.  During my last year at River Road Middle School I felt the desire to be back in private Christian education.  I resigned my position there in 2014 and applied at San Jacinto Christian Academy.  I taught 6th grade my first year here; while I enjoyed teaching 6th grade, I felt that the Lord was leading me to begin teaching in high school.  In March of 2016, I began teaching junior and senior English.  Currently, I teach junior and senior English and sophomore Bible.
I truly love being at San Jacinto Christian Academy.  The people I work with are more than coworkers-they are my extended family.  There are many instances where staff members have shown kindness to me.  One in particular-while I was in the hospital, Mr. Smith came to the hospital to visit me-knowing that he took the time to do that means a lot to me.  Upon my return, many staff members made an effort to ask me how I was feeling-Mr. Down even came to my classroom to check on me.  I also had many students show true concern for my health.
I mean it when I say that San Jacinto Christian Academy is a family!  I am honored that The Lord chose me to be here during this time.