Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,
A big thank you is in order for the tremendous work accomplished yesterday at the Potter County Memorial Stadium. It is going to be a fantastic place to play baseball. The events of the day gave me appreciation and hope for our future.Check out the pictures on Facebook and the good publicity we are getting on Channel 7 and the Amarillo Globe News.

My favorite part of the day was not what I saw, but what I did not see. The day was absent of complaints! You and your kids worked so hard and had a genuine spirit of service. Tell them how proud you are of them today.

Special thanks goes out to Ben Heller, Clay Wallace & Fuller Construction for providing two garbage containers, a skid steer, and mower for the removal of trash and grass. Here is a short note I received from Coach Fuller as well.

In His service,
Dennis Smith

The clean-up day was a phenomenal success. The kids worked hard and I appreciate their efforts. Please extend my appreciation to those teachers and parents who sacrificed their time (and sanity) getting 200+ kids to work so hard.

When they arrived and began spilling out of the buses, I admit to being apprehensive. As the day ended that feeling faded into one of satisfaction.

Thanks for the help. It was a nasty job well done.
Mike Fuller